The game of blackjack, also known as 21, is one of the top table games at online casinos. Unlike other table games, blackjack is a game of skills and experience. Additionally, players will be competing against the house rather than each other. If you are new to the game and want to learn about the rules, we've got you covered. Continue reading to know more.

Blackjack Basic Rules

The first thing you need to know is the objective of the game. Each Blackjack player is competing against the house as they try to beat the casino dealer. You can win the dealer by having a hand value that is greater than the dealer's hand value. However, if the value of your hand exceeds 21, then you lose the game, and the house wins.

Additionally, the Blackjack card has different values, and you need to learn how to calculate them. The ace, the most crucial card in the game, is calculated as either 1 or 11 points. All picture cards (Q, J, and K) and card 10 will be calculated as 10 points. The remaining cards are calculated according to their face value. For example, card 2 will have 2 points.

  • Having cards 10 and 2 means that you have 12 points.
  • Having a starting card of Q and an ace is called a natural or Blackjack. With a Blackjack hand, you win other hands except for another Blackjack.
  • Having a starting card of Q and an ace is called a natural or Blackjack. With a Blackjack hand, you win other hands except for another Blackjack.

The Blackjack game comes with different rules and several decks. The most popular type of Blackjack is played with 6 or 8 decks. But the single and double deck Blackjack version is still available online, but not all casinos have this version of the Blackjack game. So ensure you get familiar with the variation of Blackjack before you start playing at any online casino.

Get to know the Blackjack hand decisions — Hit

When playing a Blackjack game, you will need to make some hand decisions. This decision will determine if you will lose or win. There are various hand decisions in Blackjack, so ensure you master it before you commence play. One of them is the HIT, which means that you want the dealer to give you another card. You can hit as many times as you want.

Blackjack Hand Rules— Stand and Double Down

Another hand decision that you can make in Blackjack is STAND. If you are happy with the cards that you have, then you can Stand. It means you don't want a new card. It's advisable that you only Stand when you know that the value of your hand is strong enough to beat the house dealer. For example, if you have the cards Q and 9.

Get Familiar with the Blackjack moves

In addition to the basic hand rules, there are other options that you can choose from. However, you should get to know the casino rules to know if those options are available. The first option is split. You can split your hand if your first two cards are pair. Splitting your hand creates two separate hands, which can both receive a new card.

  • When you split your hand, you need to place a new wager on the second hand
  • The new wager must be equal to the initial wager.

Other types of Blackjack moves

Besides splitting in Blackjack, you can also double down. You can Double Down if you realize that you have a hand that is in your favour. Double Down in Blackjack means you want to place a second bet equal to your initial bet. Additionally, you can Surrender if you believe that the dealer will beat you. In this rule, you will lose half of your bet.

Additional Information on Blackjack Rules

Blackjack also have a bet type called Insurance bet. This type of bet is offered to players when the dealer's up card is an ace. It ensures you are against the dealer heading a blackjack. Some live casinos often feature a side bet known as "bet behind." Additionally, we recommend that you get familiar with the basics of blackjack strategy to learn the different possible hand combinations in the game.